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Martin Dietter

Brian Dietter

Hi, I'm Marty Dietter, the President of Marty's Real Estate and been involved in Real Estate working with REO properties since 1996. Prior to opening Marty's Real Estate I had worked with two other Real Estate companies and began working with REO properties. I both created and managed the REO section with the last real estate company I worked for. To better service my REO clients I opened Marty's Real Estate in 2002, and since that time we have grown in both inventory and staff significantly.

I have managed every facet of REO properties including occupancy checks, rekeying/securing, cash for keys, property preservation and more. I have a complete understanding of foreclosures and property takeovers; including the sale of multiple "AS-IS" properties for REO companies, asset management companies, banks and other types of investors as well.

I am very motivated and take pride in the on time performance of my office staff. Currently I staff 5 people who work directly for me with the REO properties. I have 2 staff members who handle all offers, Purchase and Sale contracts, etc. 2 of my staff members who handle initial property inspections, occupancy checks, cash for keys, weekly occupancy checks, security checks and maintenance checks and more. I also have a dedicated agent who aids in all BPO's, MMR's, etc.

Marty's Real Estate currently has 5 licensed Real Estate Agents who work out of my office full time. Of these agents, 2 of them complete everyday BPO's for numerous other clients as well. We currently complete on average collectively over ~300 drive by and interior BPO's monthly. As the market continues to change Marty's Real Estate continues to evolve with those changes.

REO Sales Count:

  o   62 REO properties in 2007
  o 109 REO properties in 2008
  o   82 REO properties in 2009
  o   53 REO properties in 2010
  o   22 REO properties in 2011
  o   44 REO properties in 2012
  o   40 REO properties in 2013
  o   36 REO properties in 2014
  o   51 REO properties in 2015

  o   34 REO properties in 2016 (As of 05/26/16)

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Marty's Real Estate
272 Main Street
Indian Orchard, MA 01151

Office: 413-543-6766
E-Mail: Click for MRE E-Mail

Buyer and Seller Representation Offered
Serving the Counties of: Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester